little shows, big sounds 

These things I know about The Elysium Arts Folk Club:

1. It is located in Rollinsford, NH
2. It is not a bar
3. It is quite possibly my favorite room to play

Saturday night's show at Elysium boasted a small crowd and big sound. There are many reasons to love Elysium: it has a cozy, brick-and-wood atmosphere; its proprieter, Joe Simes, is an incredibly kind and accommodating host; and the sound, the sound! The sound in that room is warm and rich and crystal clear. Being able to hear oneself play, at least when you're playing for pennies, like I am, is more often a gift than a given. Between the attentive, quiet audiences and the stellar sound system, Elysium is a singer-songwriter's......well, Elysian Field.

Jesse and I look forward to playing the Wentworth Greenhouses Winter Farmers' Market this Saturday, March 26th, from 10am to 2pm. As I look out my window at the fat snowflakes gracing Dover's streets on the first day of spring, I can't wait to be surrounded by local food and craft vendors and grab some locally-grown greenhouse veggies. Before we know it, we'll be outside again. : )

New site format 

Hello Folks,

I'm embarking on this new website format, as I think it'll give me a little more control in adding shows, photos, tunes, etc. I'm pretty web-incompetent, so we'll see how this goes. I've never worked with a blog feature before, and I'm hoping that it'll be good motivation for things like journaling after gigs (that's something Martin England does regularly, and I've always appreciated it). Speaking of gigs, I'm playing the Elysium Arts Folk Club tonight with The Dirty Daylights starring Jesse Dold, Cole and The Makeout Scene, and Jason Lambert. I've never met Jason before, and am looking forward to hearing his stuff.

That's it for now -- got to go prepare for this show, now that I'm thinking about it. More news and musings to come.